This guide will show you how to set up your Zoom account to save recordings to the new video server.  You only need to link your account once and set up a rule and all recordings in the future will save to the Warpwire Server.  This is only necessary if you regularly use your own conference room for meetings that you want to record.

When you run the meeting, make sure that you select "Record to the Cloud".

Start by logging into the ECBOCES Website and click on the Staff Forms link.

The scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the ECBOCES Video Server link.

Once the video server opens, you can (if you want) create one or more categories to place your recordings in.  To create a category, click on the plus sign.

Then, just fill in the name of the category and save.

To now link your Zoom Account, click on the menu bars by Account to expand them.

Then click on Zoom Settings.

This will launch the following box.  Start by clicking on Connect Your Zoom Account.

This will launch a browser and you will be prompted to log into Zoom if you are not already logged in.  (Remember to use SSO Login here.)

On the following screen, click on the Allow Button.

Now that the account is connected, you can set a rule to tell Zoom which category to save your recordings in.  

You will notice at the bottom of this screen, the box is checked to automatically save any recordings from your account that do not match a rule in a Category called Zoom Recordings.  If you are happy with them all being saved there, you do not need to do anything else.

If you would like to save them in the category you created earlier, click on Create Zoom Rule.

On the next screen, create a name for your rule.  This is useful if you want to add different rules for example you could create an ELL Category and then save any recordings with ELL in the title in that category and then a Perkins Category and save Perkins recordings in there.

You can pick to select recordings by Meeting ID or Topic.  In this example, I am just saving any Zoom conference that uses my Meeting ID in the ECBOCES PD Recordings folder.  How you set this up is up to you.  

Just remember if any recording get missed by your rules, it will still be saved in the Zoom Recordings folder and you can always move them later.

Click on Create Rule and you are done.  All recordings for your account that are recorded to the cloud will now be automatically saved in Warpwire.