Log into https://www.ecboces.org

Go to the page where you want to post a video (either an existing or a new one).  You need to be listed as the Event or main contact for the page so that you have the necessary permissions.  

(If you are not listed as the main contact, you can enroll yourself by going to Participants, Enroll Users, find your name and select it and then select Event Contact from the drop down list that says Event Attendee. Alternatively, email the helpdesk and we can get you added.)

Change the site into edit mode by clicking on the Red button on the top right corner on the website.

Go to the section where you want to add the video and expand it if necessary.  Click on Add an Activity or Resource.

From the Recommended tab, click on the Label icon.  (You can also do this from the All tab but the Recommended tab has less to search through!).   The label basically shows stuff on the webpage without them having to click anywhere.  The video that you add to the label will show on the page in the section that you select.

Click on the Down Arrow to expand the toolbar and then click on the Warpwire icon.  (Warpwire is the name of our recording management system.)

In the window that opens, please click on the Plus icon and then select Camera Capture (unless you ONLY want to show something and do not want to include your own video - in that case select Screen Capture.)

The next window is where you start recording.  You should see yourself in the preview menu.  If you don't check the camera dropdown and make sure that your camera is selected here.  You also have the option from this screen to select another video source.  From here you can select to share a window or desktop view from your computer.

When you are ready, click on Start Recording.

When you are finished, click on Stop Recording.  Then you will have the option to Save, Cancel or Rerecord.  If you are happy with the recording, click on Save.

Once you click on Save, there will be a screen showing that the video is uploading.  Once complete, this screen will go away.  If you do not see the Warpwire popup window, hover over or right click on the browser icon in your taskbar or dock and you should see a window called Warpwire - click on that to bring the window back into view.

Your recording should now be listed in the Warpwire window.

Click on the circle to select it and then click on the three dots in the  Insert 1 Item area at the bottom of the page.  Select Hide Title and Hide Share Links.  If you do not want them to be able search through the video BEFORE watching it, then select the Prevent Seeking option to.  Click on Save Embed Settings.

The video will now show in the Label text area and you can scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Save and Return to Course.

Until the video is fully processed (normally a few minutes), you will see a black screen with some very faint lettering that states the video is still processing.  Go do something else for a while and then come back to the page and the video should be posted and depending on how long you waited, the closed caption icon should be showing too.