When a teacher watches a video activity, they will then submit a paragraph for review on the website.  When they do this, the event contact will receive an email stating that someone has submitted an assignment.  These will then need a grade assigned and this will then automatically issue and email a certificate to that teacher.

Click on the link in the email to go to the Activity that someone has submitted a paragraph to.  You will prompted to log in if you are not already logged into the website.  (Alternatively, you can also just click on the activity from the website page.)

From this next page, click on Grade.

On the next page, you can either search by name, or filter down to assignments that need grading.

To search by name, click on the arrow in the Change User dropdown and select the name of the teacher that you need to review.

To filter down to all the submissions that need grading, click on the Filter icon and then select Requires grading from the dropdown list.

If their paragraph is satisfactory, enter 100 in the box.  If it is not, enter less than 100 and tell them what they need to do to earn the credit in the feedback comments.  (The certificate will only be issued if the grade is 100.)  If you want them to redo it, please be specific and tell them to go back and edit their submission.  You should receive an email when they edit it and then you can grade again.

Finally, scroll to the bottom of the page and Save.