Log into the website and then go to the folder of videos on the Staff Forms page and find the video to edit.  

From this view, you will be able to trim the beginning and end of the video.  You will only need to download and edit in Camtasia if there are middle pieces that need to be removed.  

Click on the three dots by the video and go to Settings.

From the screen that pops up, click on Create Clip.

. The video will then load for editing (depending on your network connection and length of the training, this might take a few minutes.)

Then, just drag each side of the bottom bar to trim the beginning and end of the video and then click on Create Clip.


Next, go to the page where you need to add the activity.

Turn editing on by clicking on the green edit icon at the top of the page.

Now, at the bottom of the majority of the pages, you should see a section called Continuing Education Activities. Expand this section.  You should see two things here - the activity and the certificate.  (If the section is missing, let Emma know and she will fix it!)

Click on the Edit icon to the right of each item and click on Duplicate.  This will create a copy of each item that you can then move to the section that they need to be in.

Expand the section that you want to create the video activity for and drag the two copied items to that section.

Click on the Video Activity Icon which will bring you to the page below.  Click on the Settings tab.

On this page, you need to change two things.

1. Change the Assignment name by adding the title of this Zoom session in the parentheses before Video Activity.  This will create the name of the event/activity that goes on the certificate.

2. Delete CLICK HERE TO LAUNCH VIDEO text and then embed the video from our new video server.

3. Start by expanding the Tool Bar using the down arrow (marked Red in the picture below)

4. Click on the Warpwire Video icon (marked Green in the picture below)

       This will launch a pop up window.

Click on the Title of the Library in the pop up window and you will see an All Libraries link, click on that and then select the PD Recordings Library.





Then find your video, click on the three dots and go to settings and then set the settings as shown below and click on Save Embed Settings.

On the next screen, click on Insert and the video should then be displayed on the page.  (It is hard to read but it will state it is processing until it is ready - normally only a few minutes.)

Scroll to the bottom of the page and Save and Return to Course Page.

Now we need to set up the certificate.

There are couple of parts to this.

1. Starting by clicking on the Edit icon to the right of the Certificate and go to Edit Settings.

Scroll down and expand the section called Restrict Access:

Click on the Drop Down next to the Grade box.

Find the title of the video activity that you just renamed in the previous step.  

(Occasionally, there might be a second option in this section with another dropdown box - if so, do the same for both boxes)

Select it and scroll to bottom and click on Save and Display.

On the next page, click on the Edit Icon on the right hand side and select Edit Certificate.  (If you returned to the course page by mistake, just click on the Certificate link to get to this page.)

On the next page, we need to make changes to two of the items in this list.

To edit these two items, you need to use the Cog icon to get into the settings page for each one.

For the gradeitemname item, you need to tell the certificate which activity this certificate is connected to.  You do that by selecting the correct activity name from the drop down list.  Click on Save Changes.

Then for the credit hours item, you need to type in the number of credit hours that the participants will receive for completing the activity.

Click on Save Changes.

Then one the last page, click on Save Changes one more time.  IGNORE THE TEMPLATES AT THE BOTTOM.  DO NOT LOAD.

Then use the breadcrumb at the top of the page to return to the course page.

At this point, you should be ready to go live.

Click on the Edit Icon by each activity and select Show.  (If the show icon option is not there, it is probably already visible.)

The page should look like this when you are done!