Certificates for our training are generated automatically.  For each training, in order to get your certificate, you will need to submit your attendance during the training and fill out an evaluation following the training.  

This guide presumes that you have already registered for the training.  If not, please see this guide.

Step One - Navigating to the Event/Training page

Log into the website at https://www.ecboces.org

There are multiple ways to find your training.

1. Click on the My ECBOCES link at the top of the page, then click on the training that you have registered for.

2.  Go to the Search Site/Events section in the right hand column.  Start typing the date or part of the name of the training and then select it when you see it in the list that shows up below.

3.  Click on the Calendar icon and find the event/training by navigating to it in the calendar.


Attendance needs to be registered DURING the event. If you do not get your attendance

registered, you will need to contact ECBOCES to have your attendance checked and your

certificate will be delayed.

Click on the Green Checkmark to open the Attendance Page.

Click on Submit Attendance

The presenter will provide you with the keyword necessary to enter your attendance. Type the

keyword in the box and click on Save Changes.


The evaluation form will open towards the end of the event session.   If you click on the icon, there will be a bar at the top of the page that will tell when it is available.

Once the evaluation has opened, click on the Evaluation Form  link to open it.

Click on Answer the Questions.

Complete the survey and then click on Submit your answers.