East Central BOCES has a centralized database for logging into our sites.  The main website offers a place for password resetting and changing.  

If you are having trouble logging into our website, here are some possible solutions:

If you see the "Invalid login, please try again" error, this means that you either entered a wrong username and password or you do not have an account.

Please try the following before contacting support:

  1. Make sure that you are in fact at https://www.ecboces.org.  Sometimes if you just search for ECBOCES, you will get directed to our student Moodle site which looks similar to our website but is not the same site.
  2. If your browser has autosaved your information and it just fills in automatically, try clearing out both the username and password and typing them in.  Sometimes the browser saves your login information incorrectly and this can cause you to not be able to login.
  3. Try using your username instead of your email to login.  If your account was created by the ECBOCES support team, the username will be in the firstname.lastname format.  If you created your own account, then hopefully you remember what it is!
  4. If none of the above things work, then click on the Forgotten your username or password? link.

From this page, enter your username and click on search.  If the website finds your account, you will receive an email at the email account registered with the website that includes a link to reset your password.  If it does not find your account, you will not receive an email.  (PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER).  

If you are unsure if you have an account, please use the Create New Account button at the bottom of the page to create one.

If none of the above work, and you are sure that you have an account, please SUBMIT A TICKET to the helpdesk.


ECBOCES SSO Login - this login option will log you into our single sign in service which connects with the ECBOCES Website, the ECBOCES Zoom account and the ECBOCES Helpdesk and means that you only have to log in once for all three of these services.  When using ECBOCES SSO Login, you MUST use your username, not your email address to login.

Google Login - if you are on our list of Google Apps enabled school districts, you can use the Google login option to login.  The first time it will ask you if you want to connect the two accounts.  Say yes and then you can just use your school login for the site.