Our Smart Boards have been replaced with Mimio Boxlight Touch Screen Monitors.

If the Touch Screen is not on, press the power button at the bottom.

If you do not see the ECBOCES Zoom Video by VNETS logo, press the button with the Cog on it or the input icon on the screen.

That will bring you to the screen shown. Click on the HDMI1 icon. This should then show you the Zoom Video screen.

  • Check that the TV Monitors and the Touch Screen monitor are turned on.

  • They should be displaying the BOCES Zoom Video by VNETS screen. The touch screen should also be displaying the time and certain icons on the screen as shown above.

  • Occasionally, you might see this screen on the touch screen instead of the Zoom Video by VNETS logo. This means you need to sign in.

  • Click on or touch the signin button.

  • On the next screen, click on the Sign In With Email Link.

  • Contact ECBOCES helpdesk for login details.

  • After entering your login information, you need to select which room you want. 

  • Make sure you select the room that you are currently in, NOT a room that you are planning to connect to in a meeting.

  • Finally, you will be asked where you are using the room as a Zoom Room or a Whiteboard. Select Zoom Room.


  • If the conference or meeting has been scheduled to connect to the room, the Meeting should be listed on the Touch Screen and will start automatically at the assigned time.

    Five minutes prior to the start of the conference, a screen will pop up informing you that the conference will auto-start.

At any time you can press the start button to connect to the conference.

If the meeting has not been scheduled for your Zoom Room, you can still connect by dialing in manually.Touch the Join icon.

  • Type in the conference id number and then touch Join Meeting.

  • If the meeting has a password, you will be prompted to enter it after attempting to join the conference.


  • When an ECBOCES event is offered over the Zoom Video system, the conference id will be posted on the ECBOCES Website prior to the training.

  • Go to

  • Click on the Training on the Calendar.

  • Look for the Zoom Connection settings. The conference id is the number found at the end of the Zoom link. It should also be listed separately under the Zoom Presence Room connection instructions.