Log into www.ecboces.org

Find your event by typing a couple of letters or numbers that identify your event in the Search Site box.  Alternatively, you can use the calendar to find the event.

Click on the event to go to the event page.


Click on the Turn Edit On button to put the page in editing mode.

Scroll down the Event Resources section and click on the Section Title to expand the section.

Open up a file explorer on your computer and find the file that you want to upload.

Drag the file over to the section until you see "Add files here" and drop the file there.

If you do not like the way that the name of the document displays, you can change it right on the page.

If you click on the pencil icon by the document, it will allow you to simply type in the new name. When done, click on the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.


  • If you need to send an email to everyone that registered, click on the New and Updates icon in the Before the Event section.

Click on Add a New Topic.

  • Add a subject and message in the appropriate boxes.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Post to Forum.

  • If you need to attach a document to this message (it is more practical to just add it to the event resources section), click on the Advanced link.  This will expand to include the following options.

  • Add a file in the box and then click on Post to Forum.  (If you want to send the post out immediately, you can select the check box by Send Forum Post Notifications with no editing-time delay box before posting.)